At least once in a lifetime, everyone dreams of being a cow-boy. Now you can try to turn into a herdsman, even just for a weekend. A herdsman in Italian, of course, or in a pock. Because with the arrival of the good season, if we are people who have a good knowledge of equestrian art (in fact it is enough to know how to ride decently), during the weekends you can book three or four fabulous days, riding six hours a day, bivaccando in the middle of nature to drive a herd of Maremma cows and wild horses with horns that will be moved into a pack, just like the cow-boys made in Tuscany. The program is rich and full of surprises. It starts from the Giannella, in the heart of the Argentario. The base is reached by taking the road that connects Albinia to Porto Santo Stefano and runs along the pinewood, the sea and the Orbetello lagoon. Every day you ride 30-35 kilometers. Lunch with bivouac based on grilled meat. In the evening you can rest on the farm. If it rains you wear the poncho, here you are butteri, not cicisbei. Landscapes are fairytale. In the morning the group (men and horses, without livestock) reaches the mouth of the river Albegna and then proceeds to the Maremma countryside of Cutignolo, Capanne dei Caprai and Capalbio. After the barbecue, the caravan reaches Lake Acquato and Diaccialone spots (some of the most beautiful wetlands on the border between Tuscany and Lazio) and finally Vulci where you sleep in one of the many farms. Then you ride to the Fiora river valley: you go in streams, you pass ancient medieval and Roman ruins. And then, in the evening, still stop at the farm. Finally, the knights join a herd of cows and Maremma horses that are accompanied by cowboys to the farm of Vulci. Here, in the evening, a dinner based on typical products is consumed.

Cowboy for a day. Live in the saddle among the butteri and turn into a herdsman