Bagni di Domiziano is a hidden cove, not easily identifiable from the road and also the access path is barely visible, half-hidden among the olive trees. The beach, also called "beach Gerini" because of the presence of Marquis Gerini's villa, is one of the most beautiful of Argentario. It is a free beach and you can find the ruins of an ancient Roman villa, dating back to 36 BC. This is a beach suitable for children because the shore declines softly and the seabed is shallow. The beach is mainly sand with low cliffs. The bottom is marked by Posidonia.

How to get there: arrive at Km 10 + 050 of the State Highway 440 of Porto Santo Stefano and go along a short path.

Parking: a dozen parking places in the side of the road; you can not park along the highway.

Winds: exposure to North Wind and Northwest Wind.

Bagni di Domiziano
Bagni di Domiziano